The making of JavaScript (Part 1|The Netscape JavaScript)

Wondered how JavaScript was made? If you are, read this article

A company named Netscape made a browser named Netscape Navigator in 1994. It was a browser that was used by millions of people. But, there was one problem that led JavaScript to be found. There was only static type web pages at that time which reduced dynamics of the web page. Netscape found a solution to this by creating a scripting language called Mocha, founded by Brenden Eich. It was developed for Java like syntax.

When it was first launched for beta, it was called LiveScript. But was later changed to JavaScript. It caused confusion since the name was very similar to Java. It was one of Netscape’s tricks to make people learn and use JavaScript serving the same use. It’s classification was called ECMAScript. It was developed in 10 days.

JavaScript was a pity little baby programming language until Microsoft captured it. Want to read more about this? Follow me on my Medium for more of JS, or else, I will make you write 1,000 lines of code! And stay tuned for more JHFS(JavaScript history from Sanjeev)